New Dozing Control D51PXi-24 and D61PXi-24

The new cut and carry mode is designed to replicate the methods of an experienced operator. This first-of-its-kind software is proactive –incorporating the current topography in each pass the dozer makes. This mode features:

• Up to 40% more production versus previous automatic machine control modes

国产自拍在线观看• Easier to use: adjusting operation based on user input

• More versatility: a single mode handles most types of dozing applications

• Helps inexperienced operators achieve similar production to an experienced operator: realizing more out of the machine with each pass

Advanced Capability

国产自拍在线观看This sophisticated software will help create smooth, efficient dozing, with any operator. The following new features are included with this mode:

• As-Built Surface Track Mapping: the dozer now calculates an optimum surface for every pass, using the existing ground surface to create a smooth slot in real time.

• Blade Load Setting: the blade load setting option now sets the cut depth for each pass. The light mode will create a long, shallow pass, and the heavy mode will create a deeper, shorter pass. This allows the operator to choose how deep to cut while operating.

• Operator Input: this new mode adjusts its cutting plan based on operator input, creating a more versatile automatic mode. The operator can instruct the machine to cut deeper during the pass, or raise the blade to spread the material at the end of the pass while staying in automatics. Additionally, blade tilt angle can now be overridden, allowing the operator to adjust from the design angle while rough cutting.

国产自拍在线观看• Grade Break Improvement: this new logic decreases the blade reaction time during a quick machine pitch change, to help avoid gouging.

国产自拍在线观看This update only impacts the cut and carry mode. Cutting, Spreading, and Simple Grading modes have not changed.

For a complete explanation please refer to your machines Operation and Maintenance Manual. Please review our video on the Komatsu America Corp. YouTube channel for more details.