Parts Availability You Can Count On

Order parts from Linder 24/7 online, by phone, or at any of our 18 locations

国产自拍在线观看Linder remains focused on providing our customers with the widest selection of Parts availability throughout Florida and the Carolinas. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a machine break down on the jobsite. We’ve all been there and recognize what that really means to your productivity. That is why we have strengthened our parts commitment to our customers.

      >> QUICK FACTS:

  • 23.4 Million in Parts Inventory
  • More than 161,000 line items
  • Dedicated Next Day Parts Trucks between all 18 locations and Komatsu Parts Depot
  • 24/7 VIP Access to all Komatsu parts books, service books, parts & service news
  • Linder ranks #1 in Retail Inventory Management Compliance Score among Komatsu distributors nationwide. A proven successful track record of having healthy inventory to best serve our customers.

国产自拍在线观看We understand the importance of providing our customers with seamless and easy parts ordering and pick up options, especially during these difficult times. This is why we have introduced Linder’s Curbside Parts Delivery on all parts orders through or phoned-in orders. Just call ahead or upon arrival when ready to pick up and a Linder team member will load your order into your vehicle for you!