Advanced Service & Support You Can Depend On

Keeping your equipment in top condition is our number one priority. Linder’s Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSR) will help you customize solutions for any equipment repair and parts needs.

国产自拍在线观看 Linder Industrial Machinery provides 24 hour parts and on-site emergency service providing minimum down time because your time is valuable.

We provide full machine service to your Komatsu, Terramac and Atlas equipment. View our Total Maintenance and Repair brochure for more details.

We maintain the latest state-of-the-art equipment for providing the best possible service and customer support. Advanced Electronic and hydraulic test equipment, laptop computers, and other diagnostic tooling are continually upgraded for maximum quality service and customer support.

国产自拍在线观看 With the proper tools, our technicians can perform diagnostics quickly and complete repairs properly.

Linder’s factory-trained and certified technicians offer unmatched service only a true business partner can provide. This ensures that your equipment is handled and maintained to the highest standards in the industry.

We are proud of the responsive service we give to our customers and realize that the quality of our service depends on the capabilities of our technicians.


    The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA) program uses independent laboratories across the United States to determine performance ratings on your machines through fluid samplings. This testing indicates how your equipment is performing from the inside detecting things like fuel dilution and coolant leaks as well as contaminants wear metals measures.

    Used with PM Pro, PM Clinic and PM Tune Up, KOWA is a key advantage in proactively maintaining your equipment with maximum wear life efficiency.

    Regular sampling provides indications of increasing contaminants, so you can schedule repairs at the optimum time.  


    Linder Industrial Machinery provides diagnostic and troubleshooting services, detailed inspections, PM tune-ups and PM Clinics for your machines.

    PM Clinic国产自拍在线观看 determine a machine’s full operating potential. PM Tune-Ups includes special hydraulic testing and adjustments.

    A complete Air Conditioning and Cooling System inspection program ensures that your engine’s cooling and air conditioning systems are operating at peak performance. This thorough inspection is designed to identify problems before they require costly replacement or repair. Hydraulic cylinder repairs can be performed at our full service branches or a KOMATSU国产自拍在线观看 rebuilt exchange can be provided.